19 Colocasia Varieties That Will Change the Way You Think About Plants!

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Are you interested in colocasia varieties? Or, do you have confusion about different forms of colocasia plants?

Colocasia is a genus of the Araceae family which is a rare flowering plant. They are famous worldwide for their extreme growth rate and beautiful and uncommon foliage colors. Native to Asia, this plant can grow in many tropical and subtropical regions.

As they have a lot of natural and hybrid varieties, sometimes it creates confusion to select a specific one. Hence, this article is decorated with some common and popular colocasia varieties. Keep scrolling and enjoy the information.

Colocasia Varieties we will discuss here

Colocasia is an enriched genus with many varieties. Some hybrid varieties increased the number of members of this family. Let’s be introduced to them.

Colocasia Black Coral

Colocasia black coral is one of the shortest cultivars of this genus. They can grow only 2 to 3.5 feet. You can find glossy black-colored leaves that are less broader than other colocasia varieties. 

There are some greenish stripes on the light black surface. The petioles are reddish. This variety is well adjusted in cold regions.

Black coral
Black coral

Colocasia Pharaoh Mask

This variety is a little different from other colocasia plants because of their extremely showy leaves. The leaves are larger and light green. Added to that, there are dark purple veins that are exhibited in the leaves which gives a little horrible and mysterious look to this cultivar.

The leaf apex is curly and goes downside. You can find purplish stems and petioles too.

Pharaoh mask
Pharaoh mask

Colocasia Nancy’s revenge

After that, we will know about Nancy’s revenge. This can grow up to 1.5 meters. The leaves are dark green and there are yellow marks on the dark green surface. The yellow color takes a “Y” shape.

White lava
White lava

Colocasia Black Magic

You can also call it arum esculenta. Though it is named black magic, the foliage of this cultivar is not completely black. The leaves are dark and purplish. You can find a dark combination of purple and brown. The petioles are the same as leaves.

Colocasia black magic
Colocasia black magic

Colocasia Aloha

Colocasia aloha can also be known as “Royal Hawaiian”. This plant can grow up to 24 to 36 inches. It has amazing foliage of dark purple color with green veins. The leaves are so attractive for their extraordinary color combination. This is an upright growing plant.

Colocasia Aloha
Colocasia Aloha

Colocasia Coal Miner

Colocasia coal miner has smooth large shaped leaves. The leaves have glossy veins that are reflective. They are not spread in the entire leaf but rather just present as a shiny line. The surface of the leaf is purplish. 

Here, you can find that the apex of the leaf is light purplish and the purple color is darker on the upper side of the leaf. The underground stem is also the same color as it.

Coal miner
Coal miner

Colocasia Black Pearl

Then comes colocasia’s black pearl. This herbaceous perennial plant has completely green foliage with dark green shades in its leaves. The downside of the leaves is light green. Their petioles are olive-colored. You have its deciduous characteristics. 

Black pearl
Black pearl

Colocasia Maui Gold

Maui gold is an annual plant. Its average height is around 24-40 inches. Among the colocasia plants, this variety has an extra appeal to garden lovers because of its golden veins. 

The leaves are green but not so dark. Again, there are some golden vibes on this green surface. That’s why it is an aristocratic member of this family. It can grow well in both cool areas and hot weather.

Maui gold
Maui gold

Colocasia Blue Hawaii

Next, let’s be introduced to colocasia blue Hawaii. Its maximum height and width are 5 ft and 2 ft respectively. 

Surprisingly, it hits the mind of garden lovers with its blue margins and blue veins. The leaves are heart-shaped with blue shades in their margins. 

Besides, the leaf surface is light green and clear dark purple veins are present there. The stalks are dark purple. This falls under the tall variety. 

blue hawaii
Blue hawaii

Colocasia Tropical Storm

Here is another colocasia cultivar which is colocasia tropical storm. It reaches around 2 ½ feet in height and is one of the most compact varieties of colocasia plants. 

It’s a purplish-black variety. That means the leaves are not completely black but the purple color is so dark that it goes near to black. Again, a creamy white shadow is found in the centre of every leaf.

The stalks are purple and tall. Most importantly, the leaves don’t go much downward like other colocasia plants. 

tropical storm
Tropical storm

Colocasia Kona Coffee

Colocasia Kona coffee is a comparatively dwarf and compact variety of colocasia cultivars. The leaves are dark chocolate colored near to blackish foliage having a slightly similar structure to a cup. The stalks are also black.

conna coffee
Conna coffee

Colocasia Coffee Cup

This is a bush-like variety that can grow almost 1.5 m tall. The green leaves with purple veins get a supreme appearance because of the unique cup-like shape. Their petioles are blackish and attached to the central point of the leaf lamina. 

They are perennial plants and their leaves take such a form that resembles a cup. That’s why they are named after coffee cups.

coffee cup
Coffee cup

Colocasia Black Beauty

Colocasia black beauty is a unique creature of colocasia varieties. The leaves are dark green having green veins. But there are black spots on the surface as if colored with black between each vein. The light green stalks are tall holding the large leaves.

black beauty
Black beauty

Colocasia Black Gecko

Colocasia black gecko is a variety of large leaves. They have giant black leaves with black petioles and black stems. It has some speciality in their leaves and that is their crinkled foliage. The entire leaves crimp and go downward.

black gecko
black gecko

Colocasia Hilo Bay

Here is a cultivar that can be compared with black gecko colocasia because of its wavy and crinkled foliage. But fortunately, they differ in colors so that you can easily differentiate them.

Hilo bay is one of the largest foliage varieties of colocasia plants. The matured leaves are gigantic with black petioles. The leaves are dark green whereas the central vein is white.

hilo bay
Hilo bay

Colocasia Red-Eyed Gecko

Now, come to the beautiful red-eyed gecko variety of colocasia plants. The red-eyed gecko name gets its success because of the presence of a dark red spot at the starting of the central vein.

The entire leaves are gentle green having only a small red spot in the centre. The stalks are pinkish. Because of its attractiveness, it is becoming a demanding variety nowadays worldwide.

red eyed gecko
Red eyed gecko

Colocasia Morning Dew

Colocasia morning dew is a variety of glossy green leaves that becomes glittery because of their light green or yellow stripes when exposed to the sun. 

The gigantic leaves provide a soothing fresh feeling when you look at their dark green leaves having yellowish marks. Their stalks are light green and medium-sized.

morning dew
Morning dew

Colocasia Milky way

You may also know it as colocasia elepaio which is a hybrid variety. It is a hybrid cultivar of Hawaii with whitish points on the green surface. 

Sometimes, you can get such a milky way plant that is a combination of white and green surfaces. But most commonly, there remain white blotches outstretched in the whole leaf. But this white color depends on full sunlight. Otherwise, they may lose their variegation.

milky way
Milky way

Colocasia Yellow Splash

Finally, we want to end the variety list with another hybrid variety called colocasia yellow splash. Here, you can find a combination of yellow and green foliage. It is a rare variety.

The large leaves are decorated with grey-green veins, dark green leaf surface and creamy yellow patterns on that green surface. The stalks are green. It is also a large variety.

yellow splash
Yellow splash

What Are the Benefits of Colocasia? 

Colocasia is not only important for its ornamental gratefulness but also its health benefits. The benefits of colocasia are enlisted here for your convenience-

  • The most important source of nutrition for colocasia is its roots. The taro roots are highly nutritious that can prevent cancer, control blood sugar and reduce heart risk. They are the solution to many health issues.
  • The green leaves are a rich source of beta-carotene, ascorbic acid, vitamin A etc.
  • The stems can be eaten when they are matured.
  • It can be used for ornamental purposes. 

Hopefully, you are clear about the fact how important a colocasia plant is for your health!

Which Is the Rarest Colocasia Variety?

Well, this question may arise in your mind if you are one of the mad garden-lovers as they have hobbies to collect the rare varieties of different plants. 

Like the other plants, colocasia have also some rare varieties of which “Colocasia Pharaoh’s Mask” is the rarest cultivar. Their wavy margins and dark brownish or purplish veins make them extraordinary. That’s why it is tough to manage in various parts of the world.

Which Is the Smallest Colocasia Variety?  

If you want to know the name of the smallest colocasia plant, then it is “Colocasia heterochroma” or “Dark shadows”. They are a dwarf form of colocasia cultivars. 

Colocasia plants are normally middle to gigantic sized. Most of their plants have large petioles and large leaves. But the “Dark shadows” are prepared for keeping inside having dark green leaves with blackish spots and a white centre in them.

They are easy to grow and propagate and tolerant to various adverse conditions. You can easily keep them in hanging baskets or pots.

Caring Guide For Colocasia Plant

Meanwhile, we have gotten ideas about having some colocasia plants. Now, it’s time to know how to care for them. Let’s have a glance at the chart.

Growing conditions Amount
SunlightBright but direct sunlight
WateringWatering should be done once a week according to its need. The root should be kept moist but water should not stand there.
Temperature 65°F – 75°F
Humidity Above average 
Diseases Main disease- Fungal leaf blightSolution- Spray copper fungicide 
Fertilizers Use liquid fertilizer once a month


1. Is colocasia the same as elephant ear?

Colocasia is not completely elephant ear plants but they are a part of this family. The two genera- colocasia and alocasia from the elephant ear family together. So you can say colocasia as a portion of elephant ear plants but they are not completely alternative to them.

2. Is colocasia toxic to humans?

Colocasia can create etching and sensitive issues in the skin and face if it is taken raw. So, it’s better to touch or take them directly.

3. Which is the edible variety of colocasia?

Most of the colocasia varieties are edible. The taro root and rhizomatous stem of colocasia are the main edible parts. It is a common food in the Hawaiian region.

4. Which is the most common colocasia plant? 

You can find many colocasia plants near you like black magic, coffee cup, mojito, black beauty etc. You may consider them the most common varieties.

Final Thoughts

Finally, we are at the point of wrapping up the details of colocasia varieties. Colocasia is a worldwide renowned plant genus for its extremely broad and enlarged leaves and stalks. 

Though this genus is already full of many different types of natural cultivars, the plant breeders have brought more hybrid varieties. As a result, you can get various types of colocasia plants if you want to keep them in your house. 

So, have a look at all the varieties of colocasia and select one of yours. The extraordinary plant is ready to decorate your home garden.

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