Philodendron Selloum Drooping: The Secret You Won’t Believe Can Revive It!

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Will you allow the drooping of your loveable selloum plant only because of your ignorance?  

A philodendron selloum plant or hope selloum plant has an extra attraction in its foliage. It is assumed that beauty is retained in every part of its lobes. But whenever you see the collapse of the leaves, it will make you splenetic. 

Philodendron selloum drooping is caused because of underwatering or overwatering, temperature fluctuation, decreased humidity level, lack of nutrients, too much sunlight, disease occurrence etc. You can make a solution to these easily if you follow the optimum levels of these requirements.

But what are those requirements and how do I follow them? If you are at stake with these questions, then follow the whole article. You will get all the tricks to save your houseplant.

What are the characteristics of Philodendron selloum?

Horsehead Philodendron, lacy tree philodendron- you must have heard the different names of philodendron selloum plants. To judge properly the drooping of a selloum plant, you have to go through the perfect characteristics of a selloum plant. So let’s get to know them.

  • Scientific Name- Thaumatophyllum Bipinnatifidum.
  • Origin- Brazil, Bolivia, Argentina etc. South American countries.
  • Type of plant- Tropical and subtropical perennial shrub plant.
  • Family- Araceae
  • Plant height- Almost 5 feet
  • Leaf size- Length- 3 feet; Width- 12”-14” and divided into various lobes inwards.
  • Leaf color- Dark green
  • Flower- White-colored flowers.
Philodendron selloum shiny leaves
Philodendron selloum shiny leaves

Causes of philodendron selloum drooping

Though being a hardy plant, philodendron selloum cannot maintain its life cycle properly, if some requirements of them are not fulfilled. It may be a simple consciousness that can save your plant. At the same time, the absence of that will make your plant injured.


Philodendron selloum or hope selloum plant is moist loving soil. But that moist should be of minimum portion. The moisture level should be enough to provide adequate water to the plant. 

The roots get dry and leaves start yellowing. The overall pale look of your plant will describe how much water your plant needs. You will also notice that the shininess of the leaves is decreasing. 


Try to keep the soil a little wet. The light colour and dryness of your soil will assure you about the necessity of the water. Meanwhile, summer days need extra watering than winter. You should water at least once a week on hot days. 

Keep the soil moist
Keep the soil moist


The excessive watered selloum plant cannot complete the uptake process accurately. The structural formation of philodendron selloum plant exposes that they love moist soil, but are not too wet. 

The time when you are giving extra water, it is going to be pernicious for its root growth. Simply, the plant which has an affected basement won’t stand for too long. As well as the other body parts also become poachy and plants lose their living energy.


Water once a week to your hope selloum plant. Judging the soil dryness, you should apply water. Let the plant soak water that remains in the root zone.

Low humidity

Humidity defines the presence of water in the air. This is very much connected to the plant’s microclimate.  Microclimate means the state of the surrounding of the plant.  

Too low humidity means dry air. The contact of such a problem decreases the softness of the leaves. Leaves start to shrink and curl because of the absence of moisture near their surroundings.

Low humidity also makes the plant weak from the inside. The xylem and phloem tissues of the plant stop responding to the internal signals of the body and all over a disastrous condition is created.


Try to keep the humidity of the surroundings to almost 60% for your philodendron selloum plant. You can apply the sprinkling method to the foliage for maintaining a better humidity level for your plant.

You can use a humidifier in this case to measure the humidity level in your environment. Thus you can take effective steps to help the enhanced growth of your hope selloum plant.

Nutrient deficiency 

Plants always need a balanced level of nutrients. Different nutrients give them service in different ways. Nitrogen deficiency leads to the yellowing problem of plants. That means if nitrogen is absent, plants will face obstacles in food processing and pigment production in leaves.

In the same way, potassium, phosphorus, manganese, zinc, boron, hydrogen, carbon, oxygen etc. all the molecules have definite roles in the life cycle of the plant. When the plant lacks an accurate amount of fertilizers, its growth becomes stagnant and other physiological processes are hampered badly. 


Try to use dilute fertilizers at least once a month. Liquid fertilizers are best for this purpose as they are slow-releasing. 

By applying them in the root zone, the whole plant can easily uptake the nutrients through their mechanism. “Indoor plant fertilizer” can be a good fertilizer for the hope seloum plant.

Temperature fluctuation 

Temperature fluctuation can be another problem that causes philodendron selloum drooping. It means the rising or decreasing of temperature than the optimum temperature. 

The excessive temperature is more responsible for selloum drooping. When the temperature rises, the plant loses the strength needed for vibrant growth. This becomes impossible because of the barriers to chlorophyll formation. 

Temperature decreasing also badly affects the term as low temperature always pushes the plant into a stressful environment. The plant doesn’t get its overall demands for perfect establishment.


Philodendron selloum plants love to stay at a temperature between 56° to 82° Fahrenheit. Try to provide them with their appropriate temperature. 

If the environment temperature is more or less than that, try to create such a warm and comfortable condition around the plant so that the inner activities are completed sequentially. 

Pest attack   

Sometimes, you may get black or brown spots while drooping on the plant. Be sure that your plant is attacked by harmful insects. 

The most common and deteriorating pest of the hope selloum plant is aphid and spider mites. Fungi, bacteria, virus attacks may also cause drooping of your plant. 


Various aspects of solution can be provided for this problem.

  • Spraying industrial insecticides.
  • Using neem oil or baking soda solution.
  • Removing the affected parts of the plants so that other parts cannot be affected. 
  • Allowing ladybird beetles to remove small insects like aphids.

The appearance of a pale philodendron selloum

Whenever you hear about a philodendron selloum plant, a reflection of a shiny plant might hit your brain. But unfortunately, this nature is devastated by a pale plant that is drooping.

You will find the green color of leaves is spread away as if some portions are burnt out or the color is wiped. Not only the color but also the surface will also feel so rough.

Philodendron selloum drooping
Philodendron selloum drooping

The roots may be like drowning in a bad odour. The stems become slender and infirm. Generally, flowers are rare in philodendron plants. Moreover, you can’t expect a flower in this situation. 

Philodendron selloum care

To live your hope about your lovely plant, you should abide by some rules that will prevent the drooping of your plant. The maintenance instructions are simply provided here-

SunlightBright indirect sunlight 
SoilSandy-loam, nutrient-rich and slightly alkaline soil
Temperature56° to 82° Fahrenheit
Humidity Around 60%
WateringWatering once a week is enough. Soil should be kept moist but water should not be clogged.
Fertilizer application Once a month on summer days and during propagation. 

Get more information about this caring from the video –

Final thoughts

Philodendron selloum drooping may be a normal phenomenon when the outside environment is adverse. But you have to remember that selloum is a hardy plant. You need not spend your whole days behind them.

You have to keep your conscious eye on their development. At the same time, you need to perform all the duties properly to them. It is guaranteed that your plant won’t fall into a drooping situation. 

Well, it’s time to say “bye”. Feel your fresh day with joyful selloum plants that decorate your house. Happy gardening! 

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