Jade Pothos vs. Golden Pothos: Which Wins the Title of Ultimate Indoor Greenery?

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Confused about jade pothos and golden pothos? Well, this kind of confusion is faced by many people as the pothos varieties include the same kind of characteristics. Just a simple glance can make you sure about the varieties. 

Jade and golden pothos are two varieties of the pothos family.  Pothos(Epipremnum aureum) can be called by many names according to the Asian sub-continent. Ivy arum, silver vine, money plant etc. are the common name of them. 

Pothos plants are awarded by the Royal Horticultural Society which is of garden merit. But their different varieties will adorn you with different colors and shapes in foliage parts. 

As pothos plants don’t bloom normally, foliage parts are their main attraction and they are alluring everyone with their vegetative parts successfully. But as the taste of everyone is not the same, pothos varieties are not almost the same. 

You can have any of the varieties. Bot golden pothos and jade pothos are two recommended varieties. Get some ideas from this article about the differences between these two types of pothos and choose your ones.

Jade pothos 

Pearls are always valuable. So undoubtedly the plant variety that is named pearls and jade pothos will possess extreme elegance in the respect of beauty. 

Jade pothos variety has enriched the pothos family because of its aristocracy. Its mind-blowing color combination of white and blue will demolish your all anxiety and will gift you supreme peace. 

Jade pothos is known from southeastern Asia. This place is called being a native to them. But it is grown in Florida. Among the pothos varieties, they are found as a trailing variety. You can easily keep it as your houseplant as it doesn’t require much care to be brought up.

Jade pothos don’t exhibit blooming. That’s why the foliage part is their best beauty.

Golden Pothos

Golden pothos is the other variety that may be the most common variety of Pothos. The primitive knowledge goes to golden pothos when you are deliberating a speech on pothos plants.

Golden pothos is also native to Southeastern Asia. But now they are at a leading position in houseplants’ list. All the ins and outs of this plant refer to someone to keep it in the collection because of its extraordinary beauty.

Pothos lovers are a damn fan of golden pothos. The foliage parts of golden pothos are supposed to be one of the most beautiful foliages in the pothos family. It can be compared with any flowering plant. 

Like jade pothos, they have no inflorescence stage as they don’t bloom

Aspects of Green and Jade Pothos 

Golden pothos has lemonade strips on their gentle green color. But the jade pothos includes a combination of cream and dark green color. The surface of the jade pothos leaves is smoother than golden pothos. Again, Jade pothos are shorter than golden pothos in height.

Golden Pothos Plant
Golden Pothos Plant
Pearls and Jade Pothos
Jade Pothos

The Main Way to Differentiate Them

If you want to differentiate them, firstly focus on their leaf color. Golden pothos’ lemonade strips and Jade pothos’ cream color will make you understand the difference. The green color also has variation as Jade green is darker than golden.

Golden pothos vs Jade pothos

Plant Type

Golden pothos is beautiful in hanging baskets because of their whorled structured plant. They are normally seen in the houseplants in the pots or baskets. 

The plant is not too strong to be resistant to hard wind. But it has a bushy structure. 

Jade pothos are normally trailing in nature. They need a proper place to be nourished properly. They are normally a bit little wild in nature. They are tropical and lush and can grow a strong appearance. 

You can grow jade pothos in terraces or hanging baskets. They are resistant to wind. Their strong structure will be more developed if you give it proper care with light, temperature, water and fertilizers. 

Golden Pothos Vines
Golden Pothos Vines
Jade Pothos Vines
Jade Pothos Vines

Shape of Leaf

You may become confused when you will research golden and jade pothos if you want to differentiate them only based on shape. The shape is almost heart-shaped for both of the plants. But still there remain some differences. 

Golden pothos has heart-shaped leaves. The leaves are well developed and larger in size. You may have a leaf 4-6 inches tall in a  big golden pothos plant. 

The surface is smooth but the smoothness is lower than jade pothos in golden pothos. The leaf margins are regular and the leaf lamina has a proper surface to take part in photosynthesis.

Jade pothos also have a leaf of heart-shaped structure. But you will get a glance of a butterfly wing in these leaves.

 If the leaves are noticed properly, the waxy surface will be felt. The surface is extra smooth for the waxy layer than golden pothos.

Color of Leaf 

The color is the main point of difference for jade pothos and golden pothos. 

Golden pothos has green-colored leaves with lemonade strips. Mostly in the middle of the vein, there are some yellowish or golden colored narrow straight lines are found which are called strips. Sometimes the lines may be broad in size.

The green color is gentle green. It is not so dark. But definitely a beautiful green shade. The green color is always offered as a sign of peace of mind. This soft feeling has increased the demand for golden pothos.

Again, jade pothos has a combination of green and cream color. The cream or off-white color expresses the beauty of the queen. It is supposed to be an aristocracy that is always ready to be exposed. When sunlight falls on the green part, it seems that the pearl is glittering.

In the term of green color, dark green color is seen. The green color looks shinier because of its waxy layer.

Golden Pothos Leaves
Golden Pothos Leaves
Jade Pothos Leaves
Jade Pothos Leaves

Golden pothos leaf       Jade pothos leaf

Growth Rate

The growth rates of these two varieties are different though they are from the same species. 

Golden pothos is taller than Jade pothos. Golden pothos can grow up to 6 feet. The vines can grow fast with a determined strength. The growth rate will be more enhanced if you provide proper nutrients and water to your plant. 

On the other hand, Jade pothos is not so tall as golden pothos. They are normally 3 feet in height. They are found to be beautiful in their small sizes. Their vines are normally 12 inches tall. 

According to the growth rate, golden pothos undoubtedly has a greater growth rate compared to jade pothos. The vines of golden pothos can smoothly grow outward because of their herbaceous quality. 

The xylem is more developed in jade pothos that gives jade varieties a stronger vine than golden pothos.


If you want to choose one of them based on cost, then it will not vary much for you. Both of the plants are almost the same in the range of cost. 

Golden pothos is normally $15 to $29 in cost. You may find it in very shapes. The pot size or plant size will vary the amount.

Jade pothos are almost of the same price. It may range up to $32 that won’t differ much. Even you may get a plant of jade pothos variety at $30.

Though the plants are almost the same in cost, you may find jade pothos a little bit higher than golden pothos in cost.

Care Needed

Now, the points come to care that these two varieties need. Golden pothos and jade pothos need almost the same care. But still, a difference remains for golden pothos.

Normally pothos plants don’t require much care as other flowering plants need. They can grow at a short rate of caring. But this short caring should be appropriate.

The terms of caring include light, temperature, humidity, fertilizer etc. Jade pothos needs bright but indirect light that is not exposed to full scorching sunlight. It needs a temperature of 77 degrees celsius. 

Watering should be done when the soil is dry because the water-clogged situation is harmful to golden and jade pothos. 

The main difference is that Golden pothos requires better sunlight than jade pothos. If the sunlight is not appropriate for golden pothos, it may lose its actual beauty or color of leaves. 

Which is More Attractive 

It is a very tough question to answer which of this pothos is more attractive. Well, this answer will vary from person to person. 

The choice, taste, need etc. are not the same for all. Golden and jade pothos both are adorable varieties. They will be attractive to different persons in different ways according to their appearance.

Which is More Popular

This answer must refer to “Golden Pothos”. Actually, if anybody wants to have a pothos plant, firstly the name of golden pothos will come. 

There are many reasons behind their popularity. Their beautiful appearance, color, cost etc. made them more popular than any other pothos variety. They are considered the most important members of the Pothos family.

Jade pothos is also familiar for their pearl-like structure. Many houseplant lovers feel that their collection is incomplete without jade pothos. 

Which is More Available 

Availability must refer to Golden pothos. Most of the gardeners firstly give a review about golden pothos when you want a pothos plant. This can be propagated easily. That’s why this species is more available. 

Jade pothos are also easy to propagate. But they are not found as easily as golden pothos. You can find these plants online too. But the availability of golden pothos will be better online too. 

The gardeners normally keep the golden pothos plants always whereas you may not find jade pothos sometimes.

Golden Pothos to Jade Pothos  Reversion

Golden pothos can be reverted to jade pothos. It may appear as a wonder to you. But it can happen. 

Golden pothos needs better sunlight. The sunlight should not be direct but too bright. If the golden pothos can’t get appropriate sunlight for their growth, the beautiful lemonade or golden color may disappear and it will turn into green like a jade pothos.

But this conversion won’t be preferable to jade plants. The color will not exactly match the shiny dark green color.

Final Thoughts

Golden pothos and jade pothos- both are very pretty in nature. They are enriched with their beauty on different sides. You can’t ignore any of them.

Though they have some differences in their characteristics, together they form a beautiful collection of houseplants. They are also beneficial to purify the air of your room. But lastly, it is absolutely your choice which one will decorate your house.

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