Philodendron pink princess vs pink congo [Differences & Similarities]

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Are you puzzled about buying a philodendron pink princess plant because of its similarities with the philodendron pink congo plant?

The mixture of green and pink scenarios in the large leaves of the pink princess plant is always loveable to the plant-lovers. Wherever you may get only a single colour either pink or dark green in the different leaves of the same plant of a pink congo. 

Whatever it is, the combination of green and pink always confuses people when purchasing a specific one. But if you are interested in differentiating between them, I may help you to understand the facts clearly. You have to just scroll down and hold your attention to the points.

Philodendron pink princess

Before entering into the dissimilarities, I want to show some characteristics of the philodendron pink princess. These will be helpful for you to understand the point of differences more clearly.

Philodendron pink princess
Philodendron pink princess


  • The philodendron pink princess plant can also be called philodendron erubescence scientifically. Another name for this princess is blushing philodendron.
  • It is a plant native to Central South America. It was developed as a hybrid variety in the 1970s.
  • It remains under the family Araceae.
  • It is a perennial plant having a mature height and weight of 2-4 feet.
  • Like all other philodendrons, it is also a climbing vine.
  • The leaves are variegated with extremely beautiful dark and light pink shades as if the pink colour is painted carefully on the green texture.
  • The expected blooming time is Winter and Spring to summer.
  • The flower colour can be green or white.

Philodendron pink congo

We knew about the philodendron pink princess plant from above. For better discussion, we will know about the philodendron pink congo now.

Philodendron pink congo
Philodendron pink congo


  • Philodendron pink congo is a variety under the Araceae family. 
  • The matured plant grows up to 2 feet in height.
  • The leaves are oval-shaped.
  • The colour of the lower leaves is dark green and the upper leaves are dark pink. 
  • Their blooming time is Spring and Winter.

Pink princess vs pink congo

Now, come to the main point. From the specifications, images of these two houseplants may be cleared for you. There are many spheres to be confused between them. But little differences are still the rest to be mentioned. Check this out from the comparison table.

Pink princess vs pink congo
Pink princess vs pink congo

Table of comparison

Basis of comparison Philodendron pink princess Philodendron pink congo 
Plant height 2-4 feet2 feet
Leaf sizeLarger than pink congoSmaller than the pink princess 
Leaf shapeWavy margin Pointed margin with oval shape
Leaf colourDark green with pink shadesThe upper leaves are pink and the lower leaves are green
Light effectPerfect light is needed to maintain the variegation Light is needed perfectly for better improvement 

How does pink princess differ from congo

The table of comparison provides the differences at a glance. But still there remain some clarifications that should be precious for you to choose a perfect plant. You can get those details from the below-mentioned points.

Leaf colour

Looking at the plant, the first thing that will attract your eye is the colour of the two plants. The tricky though, in this case, will be enough to distinguish between them. 

The philodendron pink princess plant shows a mixed leaf colour. The pink portion is generally dark and is polished on the green surface. The green portion may be dark or not. But each leaf will consist of that combination. 

On the contrary, the philodendron pink congo plant cannot show such a mixing of colours. They have dark green leaves and dark pink leaves. But no leaf consists of both colours at a time. Either it is green or it is pink.

Leaf shape

After the leaf colour, you should notice the leaf shape. The leaf shape is almost oval in both plants. But there is a difference between the surface.

When touched, the philodendron pink princess will feel smoother than the philodendron pink congo. The leaf margin is wavy and soft. The top of the leaf is soft and smooth and comes down.

Now, come to this point of philodendron pink congo. The leaf shape is ovate and has a sharp blade-like margin. The top of the leaf is straight and pointed. The leaf margin doesn’t show any wavy look. It is straight in the whole plant.

Leaf size

After those two above mentioned points, the clarification about leaf size will make you perfectly know the differences based on leaves.

Philodendron pink princess leaves are larger than pink congo. This largeness makes them come downwards which is not seen in pink congo. Philodendron pink congo leaves are medium-sized.

The appearance of the baby leaves 

After the details about leaves, you may have a question in your mind about the appearance of tender leaves. Well, let me clear those. 

The new leaves are one kind of teenage version of the matured leaves in the pink princess plant. The leaves that have emerged recently also show a mixture of green and dark pink. The pink portion may be a little fading but this will be present certainly.

Baby leaf and matured leaf
Baby leaf and matured leaf of pink congo
Baby leaf and matured leaf of pink princess
Baby leaf and matured leaf of pink princess

If you raise the same question about pink congo, then the answer will be a big ‘No’! You cannot find any mixture in the new leaves. The young leaves are normally totally dark or light pink. The matured leaves of the below portions remain dark green. But the apical portion of the plant always will be pink.

Plant height

If you want another measurement of difference, I will like to direct you to the plant height of the plants. This may be a little confusing for you. But experienced eyes can pick it.

The philodendron pink congo normally doesn’t grow more than 2 feet. But the pink princess can achieve a height of even 4 feet. So, the longer plant will suggest to you the pink princess.

Else, the width can also be your helping material as pink princesses are more in width than pink congo. The larger leaves may form a bushy appearance that is lacking in the pink congo plant. 

Effect of sunlight on variegation

This portion is completely linked to the colour of the leaves and is much appreciable for the pink princess plant. 

The strong variegation is seen in the case of the pink princess plant. That’s why if you are unable to provide perfect sunlight, you cannot retain the beauty of the variegation. It will pale with time.

But the pink congo plant is not so light-sensitive. But that doesn’t mean you can keep it any kind of light. This also has some requirements. 

How to maintain the variegated colour of pink princess

Meanwhile, you have known that both of these plants have some requirements to retain their beauty. For example, light sensitivity mentioned earlier is a crucial factor for pink princess plants. But don’t you need to know the definition of perfect sunlight? Or, what are other requirements that these two plants need?

To provide those tips, I have listed these caring guides for you. It is to be mentioned that these guides are the same for both of these plants. Because despite having a few differences, they are almost the same plant because of being two varieties of the same species.


Sandy-loam soil that is rich enough in nutrients is needed for both of those plants. Acidic soil is better for their growth. You can prepare their perfect soil with a mixture of soil and coco coir, perlite, orchid bark, peat moss etc. materials.


Sunlight means providing the correct intensity of light to them. The pink princess plant is more sensitive to light to maintain its different look. They need a combination of partial shade and bright light. Almost 4-6 hours of bright light is mandatory for their growth and colouring development.  

Like pink princesses, pink congo also needs the same light requirements to exhibit their dark pink colour. You can use a curtain by keeping the plant near the window to provide shade to the plant. Morning light is much more important than other times for their growth.

The point of temperature is dependent on the day length. Around 56-82° Fahrenheit temperature should be present along with the direction of sunlight for both of these plants.


Here, I want to mention that sunlight directs to the necessity of the water. Watering is needed once or twice weekly in Spring and Summer whereas watering once a week is enough in Winter. This is because the temperature remains higher in Summer than in Winter.

Be careful of water so that water is not clogged in the below portion of the pot. You should keep a good drainage system for this purpose. 


The watering is also affected by the humidity level of the environment and the plant microclimate. It is related to the transpiration system. If humidity is high, transpiration becomes law and water is needed at a short-range and vice-versa.

At least a 50% humidity level should be provided by you whereas 60% humidity is supposed to be standard.

Fertilizer application

Diluted all-purpose houseplant fertilizer can be an authentic option for the pink princess and pink congo plants. Fertilizer is needed twice a month in Summer and Spring times. 

Liquid fertilizers are better for this purpose. You can directly apply the fertilizer in the root zone. Or by diluting it in the water, you can apply it. But instead of using direct, diluting is a better option in this case.

Which is the best houseplant between the pink princess and pink congo?

After judging all those differences and caring guides, you may want a direct answer or comparison of their superiority that makes one of the best. I don’t feel comfortable answering this question always as this may vary from person to person according to their choice, availability etc. But I can get you hints.

Both of these plants are beautiful in their places. But in this race, I think the philodendron pink princess is ahead because of its gentle combination. It can soothe your mind easily. 

For a peaceful mind, a well-decorated room is a significant factor. In this respect, to decorate your room, a pink princess will provide you with the beauty of variegation. Again, the apical pink portion of the pink congo will retain a bright appearance inside your house.

The availability of pink princess plants is more than pink congo. It was said that the philodendron pink congo is not a hybrid plant. It is the implementation of hormones that makes the new leaves green. But this is not an established theory. 

Be more clear about the differences from here-

To get in the nurseries or order from Amazon or other sites, philodendron pink princess is probably your best option. 

Now, this is completely your choice to pick up the best plant for you that you want to place in the hanging basket in your room.

Final thoughts

Gradually, we have come to an end. Hopefully, you have found all the necessary information that you needed to differentiate the philodendron pink princess plant from the philodendron pink congo. 

The different varieties of them will allure you from different perspectives. If you want the perfect plant between them, you should be choosy and Knowledgeable enough to get your actual need. Evaluate the whole article and bring your favourite one right now!

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