Philodendron white knight vs white wizard (Differences & Similarities)

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Even before a month, I was confused about philodendron white knight and philodendron white wizard. After that, I observed them closely and then I found the magic. To identify one of them particularly, you need to observe their stems, leaf petioles, leaf shape, leaf size and most importantly leaf color.

The main differences between philodendron white knight and white wizard are, white knight has dark brownish petiole with purplish white patches where white wizard has purplish petiole with completely green stem. White knight has smaller oval-shaped leaves while white wizard has apparently bigger round shaped leaves.

Well, this article is presented for you if you are looking for detailed answers to this question. So enjoy the whole article and find your solution of which point will be beneficial for you to identify them. 

Comparison Table Between Philodendron White Knight And White Wizard

Before entering the detailed discussion why not you have a glance at this short table for an easy solution?

DifferencePhilodendron White KnightPhilodendron White Wizard
Plant height8-10 feetLarger than the White knight
PetioleDark brownish PurplishPurplish petiole
Stem colorPurplish with white patchesCompletely green
Leaf sizeSmaller than the white wizardLarger than white knight
Leaf shapeSlightly oval-shapedCompletely round leaf
Leaf colorMixture of the green and white surface, Scattered green patches are foundWhite variegation or spots are more than the white knight, mostly white

Philodendron White Knight And White Wizard

Both of these mentioned cultivars are of the same genus called philodendron and the same family called Araceae.

They were first found in the tropical forests of South America. They are best suitable as an indoor plant. But if the climatic condition is mild and favorable for them, you can also use them as outdoor plants.

The description of their leaves and all other body parts are enlisted below as I will show you the differences between them focusing on those points.

White knight plant
White knight plant
Wizard plant
Wizard plant

Difference Between Philodendron White Knight And White Wizard

Now, this is the time to reveal detailed information about the points following which you can get a clear concept about the differences between philodendron white knight and philodendron white wizard.

Plant Height

At the top of the list of differences, I would like to give you hints about the plant height that I noticed in my garden.

Philodendron white knights can grow about 8-10 feet in their whole life span. You can keep them small by pruning them if you want. But if they are allowed to grow at their range, they will grow up to this height.

But philodendron white wizard can grow more than the white knight. They can grow several feet in their normal life cycle. So, at the same maturity, philodendron white wizards will get more height than philodendron white knights. 


The leaf is one of the main issues that you need to focus on consciously if you want to make difference between them. Go through several points of this factor.


The petiole is the stalk by which the leaf is attached to the stem. In the case of the philodendron white knight, the petioles are brownish and sometimes purple-coloured. Again, sometimes white lines may also be found in that petioles.

But whenever you look at the petioles of philodendron white wizards, you will see completely green-colored petioles. There are no patches of white color and all parts of the petioles are dark green. Thus, you can identify them by their petioles.

knight petiole
knight petiole
wizard petiole
wizard petiole


Next, you can focus on the leaf color of the two varieties. Philodendron white knight has a mixture of green and white color surface. White patches are scattered on those leaves and the leaves are light green to dark green.

On the other hand, in the white areas of philodendron white wizards are more than white knights. This white color expresses the absence of chlorophyll in that place. So it can be clearly said that the amount of chlorophyll in white wizard leaves is less than in white knight. 

As a result, you can have more white variegation in the white wizard. The green color is also darker than a white knight. If you look closely with a conscious eye, you can make a difference. 


Then, I would like to discuss the size of the leaves. The white wizard leaves are larger than the white knight leaves. The knight leaves are medium-sized.

But compared to the white knight, white wizard leaves are more elongated and get broader shape than a white knight.

knight leaf
knight leaf
wizard leaf
wizard leaf


There is one more thing in the leaf which you can use for differentiating them. That is the leaf shape. The white knight leaves are round to cordate shaped. They are not fully heart-shaped but close to that.

But, the white wizard leaves are near lanceolate shape. They are elongated and form such an ovate shape.


Lastly, look at the stem part of these two plants. This part has a similarity with the petiole. The stems are mostly brownish color in white knight. 

On the other hand, the white wizard has completely dark green-colored stems. The white knight stems are more in breadth than the white wizard plant. 

Knight stem
Knight stem
Wizard stem
Wizard stem

Similarities Between Philodendron White Knight And White Wizard

Similarities and dissimilarities are two parts of getting a clear idea about two plants. The knowledge of dissimilarities can be applied perfectly if you can know the similarities also. So, have a look at this portion.

Plant Type

Both of these plants are tropical perennial and frost-resistant house plants. They cannot grow or develop in an excessive cool place. If you are from a temperate region, you have to take care of these plants.

Climbing Vines

Vines are the other names for stems of the plant. Though their stems are different in color. But the vines are the same in their characteristics. If you provide proper staking to them, both of them will climb with the support of that  


Another similarity between them is that both of them produce white flowers. Though they are most attractive for their foliage and their blooming is rare, when they bloom produce the same type of flower. 

Benefits of Philodendron White Knight And White Wizard 

Let’s have some knowledge about the benefits which you may get from these two plants-

  • They will serve you from the view of the ornamental need.
  • They are easy to care for and maintain as it is a hardy plants.
  • These plants can create a bright atmosphere inside your room. 
  • You can get a great amount of oxygen supply in your house from them. 
  • These philodendron plants can also purify the air and create a healthy environment in your house.
  • They will help you to be relieved from stress and will provide a perfect environment for sound sleep.

Which Is the Best Between Philodendron White Knight And White Wizard?

Philodendron white knight and white wizard- both of these plants are adorable. But if you want to select the best one, I can provide you with some suggestions. Then, you have to pick the best one for you.

Firstly, philodendron white knight plants are easier to identify. But white wizard plants are sometimes confused with philodendron white princess, another cultivar of philodendron. That’s why you can easily pick the white knight.

After that, the white wizard is a rare variety because of their huge area of white variegation. But compared to that, you can easily get white knights from online websites.

Then, white wizard plants are costlier than white knight plants as they are rare. You may need to pay at least $15 to $20 extra for a white wizard than a white knight.

But, as a white wizard can provide a more variegation look, it creates an extraordinary look to your room corner than a white knight. But still, the white knight cannot be ignored in the respect of beauty.

Considering all the factors, the philodendron white knight is the best of these two plants. Now, it is completely your choice to pick one.

Caring Guide For Philodendron White Knight And White Wizard

Now, I will provide some caring tips so that your white knight or white wizard plant can remain safe and healthy. I am presenting the overall caring guide shortly so that you can get ideas within a short time. 

SoilSandy Loam soil with neutral or slightly acidic condition 
SunlightBright indirect light or partial shade 
Watering Once a week
Temperature 65°-75°F
Humidity 50-75%
Fertilizer Once a month; liquid fertilizer will be better in this case
Pest attackUse insecticide or apply neem oil or baking soda in the affected place  
Pruning Once in two months if needed


1. Which is more expensive- Philodendron white knight or white wizard?

Philodendron white wizard is more expensive among these two plants for their more white variegated look.

2. Are these two plants toxic?

Not really. But you should be careful while caring for them as they may create allergic problems in the sensitive skins.

3. Do these plants need much caring?

Not so. Both of these plants are tolerant of adverse climatic conditions. But you should properly supply the elements they need to grow and develop. 

4. Are they much susceptible to diseases? 

No. They can create enough protective factors against diseases and pathogens. But if you put them in hard conditions without meeting their needs, they can be easily affected by diseases.

Final Thoughts

Philodendron white knight and white wizard plants are such plants that you don’t need to pay excessive attention to, but still, they will be ready to decorate your house. 

Both of them are almost the same in their life cycle has only a few differences in leaves, stem and height. But their similarities prove how connected they are to one another.

Both of these adorable plants can meet up the ornamental need of your house. So, follow the basic techniques to conclude the confusion between philodendron white knight vs white wizard and bring one or both as your choice quickly since a rare collection mostly expresses your affection towards the plants.

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