Philodendron White Princess vs. Pink Princess: The Ultimate Battle of Elegance!

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Some days before, I was arguing with my friend about this topic: philodendron white princess vs pink princess. I tried to highlight their variegated color as their difference because I was unaware of the dissimilarities except for that one. But he focused on some subtle points that I didn’t notice before.

Philodendron white princess has larger leaves with white variegation in a green glossy surface arranged in greenish stems. But the pink princess leaves possess pink variegation and the leaves are smaller than the white plant showing pink stems. They also differ in plant size and flower color. 

There are some more precise descriptions of these differences that I also noticed in my plants later and highlighted here. So scroll down to get them.

Philodendron white princess vs pink princess 

Philodendron white princess and pink princess- both remain under the family Araceae and the species Philodendron erubescens’. From this perspective, they are aroids. 

As they are from the same species, they have a lot of similar characteristics that can’t be separated easily. Both of them are perennial shrubs that have large green leaves with different variegated colors. The maintenance procedure is almost the same for both of the plants which you will find soon in this article.

But a closed view can prove that they have a lot of small dissimilarities too which will differentiate them from one another. The first one will be their variegation color which is white and pink in white princess and pink princess respectively. 

Hence, I have decorated my whole content about such factors. 

Why do we differentiate between the white princess and the pink princess?

Searching for common differences between philodendron white princess and pink is important if you want to get the perfect plant. Sometimes nurserymen or online shops may take other plants instead of your needed ones. 

If you do not know the plant, you cannot identify them. As a result, you will get the wrong plant. Hence, you need to know about the differences between the white princess and the pink princess.

Philodendron white princess
Philodendron white princess
Philodendron pink princess
Philodendron pink princess

How Does a white princess  Resemble a Pink princess? 

Before describing the dissimilarities, I want to talk about the similarities between these beautiful plants. They resemble each other in their origin, type, physical outlook and flower production procedures. These characteristics will reflect the differences more clearly and you will get a clear concept of them.


Both of the plants originated from the tropical rainforests of South America. Though some of the pink princess plants are also found in the central American part. But South America is considered the basic place of their emergence.

 As they are naturally variegated plants, cultivating them commercially has not been established yet. But researchers are working on that.

Plant type

Then, I can point out their types. As a plant type, both of them can be considered climbing vines. The large leaves are arranged in such a way that they look like an alternate phyllotaxy. 

If you put a helping stand or any other materials for them, they will climb through the help of that stand. Philodendron pink princesses may climb more than white princesses. But the climbing procedure is the same.

Physical Outlook 

Physical outlook means their way to arrange the foliage. Both of these plants produce upward leaves. When the leaves get mature and large, they may come downwards. 

Otherwise, new leaves emerge as upward leaves. They are not too bushy. They spread their leaves properly so that all the leaves can get full sunlight. Thus, they maintain their variegation. 

Flower Production Process

Though both of these plants bloom rarely, they produce beautiful flowers at their maturity stage. That means, when they get their maximum height and foliage production, they may bloom at that time if they get favorable conditions. 

This blooming generally occurs in summer. To get the flowers, you should maintain all the factors perfectly. 

How Can We Differ white princess Plants From pink Princesses?

Though philodendron white princess and pink princess plants have a lot of similarities, there are some specific points like plant type, plant height, stem, leaves, variegation, cultivars and availability- judging which you can differentiate them. I am now going to explain these factors in detail. So scroll down and grab them. 

Plant height 

The first difference that I want to mention about these two plants is their height. The philodendron white princess can grow almost 1 meter. They get this height at their mature stage. 

On the other hand, the Philodendron pink princess can grow up to 4 meters. Their height may vary between 2-4 meters according to their placement media.

 That means if they are placed in the pot, they can grow 2-3 meters, but in garden soil, they can have a height of almost 4 meters. Thus, they grow larger than the philodendron white princess. 


Next, I can show you their dissimilarities in stem color. Though they resemble each other in their stem type, color differentiates them. 

As you can see in the picture, the stem color of the philodendron white princess is greenish to white. It looks like a transparent and glossy stem due to its color.

White princess stem
White princess stem
Pink princess stem
Pink princess stem

Again, the philodendron pink princess possesses a red-colored stem. They are not too transparent as white princesses. The stems are also glossy but less than a white princess.


Here comes one of the main differences between these two plants by which you can identify them instantly. You may notice differences in their surface, leaf size and leaf color.

The surface of the leaves is smooth enough and shiny such that they are reflecting the sunlight. Philodendron pink princess leaves are also shiny but less than white princess leaves.

White princess leaf
White princess leaf
Pink princess leaf
Pink princess leaf

There are white dots or stripes found in the leaves.  Again, some portions appear polished or colored white. The white portions are randomly arranged on the dark green surface of the leaves.

 Pink princess leaves also have such variegations but they are of dark or light pink color. The actual notable difference in leaves lies here.

Again, the leaves are heart-shaped and larger in the white princess plant whereas the leaves are a little rounded in the pink princess plant. The leaves of the pink princess are smaller than the white princess.


Though the philodendron white princess and pink princess have some similarities in the flower production process as I explained previously, they produce different types of flowers. 

The philodendron white princess produces white flowers which are a little larger than the pink princess. 

Philodendron pink princess produces small flowers which are of pink tint. But sometimes whitish flowers are also seen in pink princess plants, which is very rare. But you can identify those flowers by their large or small size.


After that, let’s talk about their variegation. Well, though it is the basic factor about them which I have already reflected in the leaf section. But, still, I want to clarify this factor properly. 

Philodendron pink princess has a white variegation which means they differ from the common philodendron by their random white colors. This white color may be less or more varying from leaf to leaf. But this is a natural philodendron type.

The same topic is also applicable to the philodendron pink princess. But the variegation is of pink color here. It is also a natural philodendron but the variegation can be changed to any color and again reverted according to the intensity of sunlight. 


In the comparison of availability, the philodendron white princess is more available than the pink princess. As a rare plant, finding a pink princess may become a hassle for you whereas you can get a white princess easily. 

But the white princess is also a rare philodendron. Though you can get them easily compared to pink princesses, you can’t always get white princesses everywhere.


There are different cultivars of the philodendron pink princess. Some of them are pink princess ‘sparkle’, pink princess ‘marble variegation’ etc. The pink surface of the leaves may be of different types. 

They can be large, marble-sized or different other irregular types or shapes and thus they are classified as these cultivars. But there are no registered or well-established cultivars found in philodendron white princesses. 

Caring Guides For philodendron white princess and pink princess 

SunlightBright but indirect sunlight 
WateringWater once a week
Temperature 65-86°F
Humidity Around 70%
SoilSandy loam and nutrient-enriched soil
ClimateHumid but warm
PruningPruning should be done once a year after winter
RepottingRepotting can be done for root rot and root bound problem
Fertilizer Apply fertilizer once a year during spring
Pest management Use pesticides or homemade recipes 
Disease management Remove the affected parts and use fungicides or bactericides. 

Benefits of philodendron white princess and pink princess 

There are several benefits of the philodendron white princess and philodendron pink princess. Let’s look at them below-

  • These plants are ideal for home decorations. You can consider them best for use in ornaments purposes.
  • They can be well adjusted at any place like room corner or table-side as you can maintain their size and shape by pruning. 
  • They can purify the air. As a result, a healthy environment remains in your room’s atmosphere. 
  • They are easy to care for and can be maintained in any situation. This is possible due to their hardy nature.


Can a philodendron pink princess revert into a white princess?

Yeah. The philodendron pink princess can revert to the white princess if it gets excessive sunlight. At that time, the plants should be provided with indirect bright sunlight. 

But too much light hampers their foliage color. If you can make their perfect sunlight available, they may again change their variegation color to pink as Before.

Which is the most expensive plant of the two?

Philodendron pink princess is the most expensive plant between the two of them. It is because there is no commercial production of the pink princess which makes it rare between them. 

Though white princesses are not also cultivated, they are plenty in the rainforests which keeps their supply continuous. Hence, the pink princess is the most expensive plant among them.

Are these plants toxic to humans? 

Yeah. These plants are toxic to children and pets. It may create irritation, vomiting, itching, allergic conditions or other types of skin irritations in direct contact. They are mostly toxic to pets and hamper those people who have sensitive skin.

Final Thoughts

Gradually, I reached the end point of my detailed discussion. Philodendron white princess and pink princess, both plants are too adorable to keep in your room. From the entire conversation, I can say that, 

  • These plants have the main differences in their leaves. One of which is white and another is pink. 
  • They also differ in their stems. Pink princesses have pinkish to reddish stems and white princesses have greenish stems. 
  • Also, you can observe their flowers if you are able to identify them properly because the flowers of the white princess are white and the pink princesses are pink.

If you want a suggestion from me about which is the best plant between the white princess vs pink princess, I will cheer you up. I have disclosed their features, similarities and dissimilarities in front of you. Now, make your decision about which plant will be better for you and bring it right now.

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